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New generation technology and equipment in stone industry

New generation technology and equipment in stone industry

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New generation technology and equipment in stone industry

Stone is a durable low carbon environmental protection, high-grade decoration decoration materials, can guide the decoration industry consumption fashion, especially through the color, form, line to create a harmonious space for consumers, deeply loved by people.With the increasing demand for stone products, the stone industry has developed rapidly.In the past 40 years, China's stone industry has completed the transformation from following to catching up through absorbing foreign advanced technologies and independent research and development. The level of technology and equipment has been significantly improved. New technology and equipment have become the main equipment of stone enterprises.
Since the "12th five-year plan", China's building materials industry has entered the stage of "innovation and improvement, surpassing the guidance". As an important part of the building materials industry, the stone industry is accelerating the transformation of the development mode and continuously shortening the gap with the world's stone developed countries.In order to fundamentally change the development mode and improve the quality and level of development, it is necessary to solve the contradictions and bottlenecks that restrict the development of stone industry.To this, China building materials federation and China stone association jointly issued "the stone material industry research and development of a new generation of technology and equipment innovation research action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "the plan"), since 2020 to 2025, through scientific and technological progress and innovation to improve the existing technology and equipment level, and accelerate the development of stone industry transformation, achieving high quality development.
1. Set up a leading group
Organize the strength of the whole industry, including industry experts, scientific research and design units, universities and colleges to set up a leading group of "new generation technology equipment innovation and research in stone industry" to study and determine the research and development program, take charge of the decision-making of major matters, and coordinate the division of labor and cooperation of relevant parties.
2. Create an expert group
On the basis of the expert group of machinery and tools professional committee of China stone association, some industry experts are added. As a consulting institution, they are responsible for the leading group and accept the commission of the leading group to participate in the diagnosis and research of the difficult problems of "new generation technology and equipment innovation research and development of stone industry".
Set up an office
The office is an office under the leading group, responsible for coordinating the daily work of "innovation and development of new generation technology equipment in stone industry" and the progress of each project, and coordinating various specific problems in the implementation of solutions.
The task and project implementation of innovative r&d shall be put forward by the leading group according to the actual needs of innovative r&d programs and industry development, and undertaken by one or more enterprises. The office shall coordinate the implementation.Increase at the same time, adhere to the "innovation, beyond the lead" the guiding ideology, adhere to independent innovation, cooperative innovation, stone machinery and tools of the members of the unit as the foundation, relying on building materials and construction machinery research center of shandong university, shandong stone engineering technology research center and other units of technology research and development advantages, focus on industry advantage resources, play to the enthusiasm and creativity of the parties involved;Strive for government departments to obtain policy and financial support for the special list of "innovative research and development of new generation technology and equipment in stone industry";We will integrate international and domestic resources, join forces with social forces, establish a technological innovation alliance linked by research and development projects, do a good job in protecting intellectual property rights, and create a platform for collaborative innovation.In addition, in the research and development work, the cooperative unit should formulate the cooperation agreement, clearly stipulate the rights and obligations of each party and other binding terms.At the same time, the competition mechanism, cooperation mechanism and benefit sharing mechanism are introduced to solve the key technical problems.

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