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Marble Door Frame Border Design

Marble Door Frame Border Design

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Marble door frame design is believed that many people prefer it, because the marble door frame can show the magnificent atmosphere and is very popular. Today, Paiya Stone will provide you with 5 types of marble door frame effect picture design display, so that you can clearly understand the relevant information of the marble door frame effect picture.

Marble door frame

The magnificent marble door frame is designed in the porch, and you can feel the noble temperament before entering the living room. At the same time, the marble floor tiles are decorated to enhance the grade, and a grade of life is performed here.From the out, the entrance door can be considered to set a certain height and width like the marble door frame effect pattern, which is not only atmospheric, but also convenient to enter and exit.

The magnificent marble door

The end-view wall is recessed, and a fan-shaped end-view cabinet is placed here. The light-colored marble door frame is very textured, and the multilayer decoration adds a three-dimensional effect. In front of it is a marble tile paving with the same color tone, which has a visual extension effect to bring you an orderly life.

European style marble door frame 

Does the European-style marble door frame entice you? The door frame decoration with fish belly white is perfectly integrated into the entire style color, atmospheric and beautiful! The quantity of white marble of fish belly is scarce. When you touch it, the texture is very detailed. A sense of calmness.

European style marble door frame 

The surface of the black marble door frame is more wear-resistant, with a thick texture and a warm touch, which is magnificent. A large area of the home is decorated with marble door frames, which embellishes the entire space elegantly and dignified. It emits a dazzling light under the projection light source of the crystal lamp, as if entering a palace-general.

European style marble door frame 

The green marble door frame was loved by the owners. The bathroom door frame is partitioned by a marble door frame, which is divided into different functional areas. The light tones are warm, and the light-colored decorative marble pavement is clean and hygienic, and it is easy to clean up.

The above 5 styles of marble door frames are designed and displayed. Do you like them? The marble material is not only tall, but also smooth and natural, and there are many patterns. If you are interested, please contact me to order it.

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