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Why did stone material product do protection still can appear ooze glue?

Why did stone material product do protection still can appear ooze glue?

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Why did stone material product do protection still can appear ooze glue?
Generally speaking, if the stone products do a good job of protection is not the phenomenon of seepage, however everything is not absolutely, small make up here have the customer feedback said to do protection finally or seepage, follow small make up together to simply analyze the reasons.
1. Water protection only
As the name suggests, waterborne protective agent is certainly more than used for waterproof, but not anti - penetration, glue oil penetration capacity is strong, only do water - based protection and can not avoid oily material penetration.
2, stone factory protection
A lot of customers overestimate the protection effect of stone products, the protection effect has not been tested, and stone materials in the shop did not brush protection.
3, protection brush is not enough or brush leakage
Protective agent is only on the surface of a layer of stone, not permeate stone all.In the case of slicing or cutting, the protective surface is destroyed.
In general, want to prevent glue oil to permeate, when the stone material that encounters bibulous rate is tall, be about to raise guard consciousness, the protection should be sufficient, especially in have aperture place to want to strengthen more.What need to notice is to be able to be in after cutting seam, before filling glue, dip in with brush take oily protective agent or fluorin protective agent, right aperture place sufficient besmeater is brushed.After the stone material fills the glue to wait for the glue to be completely dry again besmear brusses the protection, after the protection has left enough keep in good health time, had better carry on the operation such as grinding crystallization again after 7 days.

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