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The bedroom decorates natural stone material to must use A k

The bedroom decorates natural stone material to must use A k

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The bedroom decorates natural stone material to must use A kind
Use natural stone material to serve as domestic outfit material, the radioactivity problem that a lot of people can worry stone material.But the expert says, want to understand relevant knowledge only, recognize a standard clearly, it is ok to buy assured stone material completely.
It is understood that the radioactive level of natural stone can be divided into A, B, C three categories, class A products can be used in office buildings and family bedroom, class B product radioactive intensity is higher than class A, can not be used for the interior decoration of the bedroom, but can be used for the interior decoration of the building;Class C products are more radioactive and can only be used for exterior finishes of buildings.
For example, in the red natural stone materials, the radioactive materials belonging to class A include cherry blossom red, general red, Taiwan red, xinjiang red, shidao red, anxi red, maple red, xili red, tianshan white hemp, tianshan red and xiamen red, etc., while those belonging to class B include Indian red and guilin red, etc.;Category C commodities are yongding red, while rhododendron red, produced in some places, is more radioactive than category C.
It has been rumored that the color of stone materials can be used to distinguish the level of its radioactivity. In fact, according to the tests of relevant departments of the state, color cannot be used as the basis for judging the radioactivity of stone materials.If red stone radioactivity has tall have low, rhododendron red, South Africa red, India red wait for taller, have A plenty of B kind, C kind, and A lot of red stone, be like anxi red, maple leaf red is A kind of product.Anyhow, the radioactivity of stone material needs the data that checks with concerned unit is accurate.
When consumer is choosing natural stone, want to ask for product radioactivity to detect A report to the businessman, check mark A, B, C wait for radioactivity level category.In addition, consumers should also pay attention to whether the goods mentioned in the report match what they bought.The natural stone material that does not have to detect a report to the businessman, should ask the unit that has qualification to undertake radioactivity to detect first, after decorating, still can invite expert to examine on the spot, if radioactivity index is too high, should take measure immediately.

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