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Home Decoration of Bathroom The Green Onyx Project in Melbourne, Australia

Home Decoration of Bathroom The Green Onyx Project in Melbourne, Australia

Green Onyx(Green jade marble is a green decorative marble.

Its green color, like the color of nature so fresh, is a rare species in nature, widely favored by people; Green Onyx(Green jade marble its texture is exquisite and fruity, grain wen wan, pervious to light effect is good, its adornment will make whole space exuberant, be full of natural breath. This can be seen from the Green Onyx(Green jade marble picture of its beauty.

Green Onyx Cutting Plan



Green Onyx(Green jade marble) is used in bathroom series


The Green Onyx(Green jade marble) is the other kind of gem series in the natural stone material, it by its fresh color, the natural self-formed grain, the precious material is applied in the sanitary ware series, the nature is fresh, the fashion does not lose the nobility, makes a person shine at the moment.


Ground and desktop applications

The Green Onyx(Green jade marble is applied to the floor of the exhibition hall. The fashion atmosphere, the irregular pattern of Green Onyx(Green jade marble and the color of light green are perfectly matched with the geometric square stool and pure color above. The unique jade material of the Green Onyx(Green jade marble, the perfect light transmission effect under the illumination of night light, beautiful and magnificent.

Apply at the same time at the ground, door cover and desktop, union is used, make integral space style is unified, pass through the reflection of glass, make a person dazzling, integral vogue and distinctive.

The Green Onyx Project




Applied to arts and crafts

Green Onyx(Green jade marble is applied to this set of small crafts, exquisite and beautiful, smooth curve, chic modeling, all show noble and elegant artistic taste.

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