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Work plan for the company's resumption of production and out

Work plan for the company's resumption of production and out

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Work plan for the company's resumption of production and outbreak prevention and control 
YiZhiDao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
(February 13, 2020)

I. resumption of work: expected resumption time: number of employees: factor guarantee measures: expected capacity:
Ii. Establishment of enterprise epidemic prevention and control management organization.(please indicate name and contact phone number) group: long, deputy team leader, director of the enterprise, into a member, director of the general manager, security personnel on duty 24 hours outbreak telephone: XXX, head of the temperature detection and isolation room staff director and staff the factory disinfection, head of the group and staff canteen, head of procurement, health and send meal and staff
Iii. Daily management
1. Regularly use disinfectant to disinfect the office area, dormitory, canteen, production workshop and staff rest area (not less than twice a day).
2. Purchase temperature detector and related instruments, conduct temperature test for all employees entering the factory regularly in XXX every day at XXX, observe employees above 37.3° in isolation room, report any suspected fever, fever, cough and other symptoms in time, and contact baoxing county bureau of economic information, commerce and science and technology, and establish relevant ledger.3. The enterprise shall implement closed management and prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering the enterprise.
Employee protection
1. Purchase protective masks and distribute them to employees;Make sure all staff wear a hood to work.
2. Air circulation shall be maintained in all places of the company.
3. Staff do not gather during the operation, and staff eat separately during the meal.
V. protective waste disposal.
1. Add a special garbage container at the prominent position of XXXX for collecting discarded masks.The container should be the "other garbage" collection container with a text label (" special for discarded masks ") and a plastic bag lining to avoid direct contact between discarded masks and the container.
2. Guide the staff to simply break (tear or cut) the waste mask and then put it into the special container to prevent illegal elements from recycling and selling;
Publicity and education.
1. Post the popularization and positive publicity of epidemic prevention and control in XXX, so that employees can know the transmission mode, harm and symptoms of the virus.
2. Do not believe and spread rumors.
7. Emergency measures.In case of any abnormal personnel, the enterprise shall immediately notify the health and epidemic prevention department (health and health bureau tel: 6822022), and report to the local township (town) people's government of the enterprise or the management committee of baoxing white marble characteristic industrial park of sichuan province, and immediately arrange other employees who have close contact with the enterprise to isolate and observe.

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