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Different material of marble different clean and maintenance

Different material of marble different clean and maintenance

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Different material of marble different clean and maintenance when uesd in bathroom wall and floor

Because of the characteristic of stone material, make stone material is more and more popular in decorate and building, stone material is laid in the bathroom more a kind of fashionable choice, but the maintenance of stone material of the bathroom needs careful.Do the maintenance plan of bathroom stone, need to confirm the soft and hard degree of water quality, bathroom after each use to clean the stone surface in time, do polishing and maintenance of bathroom stone regularly.But after doing these, the bathroom stone material of different stone material material, different stone material situation still wants to notice the following a few respects.
Different stone material pledges bathroom floor to clean method to differ each
Natural stone bricks are not only durable but also free from tedious cleaning care.There are many kinds of stone tiles to choose from, so you are sure to find a satisfactory product.Available stone types are marble, limestone, travertine, SLATE, granite and sandstone.Due to the inherent characteristics of stone, stone tile is very suitable for bathroom use.They're hard, they're stain-proof, they're waterproof, and they come in a variety of surfaces and colors.
Different types of natural stone due to the characteristics of the different, in the use and cleaning process should be treated differently:
1. SLATE -- this incredibly durable stone has a natural, exotic color that makes it ideal for bathrooms.SLATE does not need tedious cleaning, the cleaning method is very simple.In fact, this stone can be said to be antifouling.The color of this kind of stone material is various, grain is coarse, not easy slip.
2. Marble -- this type of stone has a delicate appearance.It has a remarkable reputation for having a surface that can be polished to produce an unmatched sheen.Therefore, marble tile can bring really remarkable effect to your bathroom.But there are some important things you need to know about this stone before you choose.First of all, its high gloss, it looks so elegant, but it is very slippery when wet.In addition, marble is fragile, which makes it fragile.And, marble is to change base kind stone material, if chemical acid is splatter above it did not clear in time can bring about marble to be dyed seriously.
Travertine and limestone -- both of which have the same properties -- have more pores and are softer than granite or SLATE.Its natural earthen color makes it very interesting.However, they are less antifouling and less durable than SLATE and quartz.
4. Quartz -- of the stones mentioned, quartz is one of the most resilient and rigid.The color of this type of stone has a continuous gradient or a mixed color, depending on the type of quartz used.This kind of stone material also is the material of bathroom ideal, have antifouling, waterproof, durable, antiskid wait for a performance.
5. Sandstone -- this stone is the perfect choice for bathroom stone tile due to its gentle structure and ceramic color.The only drawback is that the sandstone is porous and soft, so it needs to be chemically treated irregularly to avoid staining.
In addition to the material of stone material brick is different, in the process that cleanses and maintains, consider the color of bathroom brick even, surface treatment type, the style that you want and its cleanness nurse to wait, such ability lets your bathroom stone material brick use more for a long time and beautiful.
The bathroom stone clean construction of different occasion is different
It's also a common problem: the marble in the bathroom gets dark, gets badly damaged, and the finish disappears.If this is the case, the surface needs to be polished.Good quality polish in the domestic large building materials supermarket can be bought.Polishing agent is usually composed of two components: polishing powder and polishing fluid. The polishing powder contains fine particles of oxide such as alumina or tin oxide.Manual polishing is suitable for small areas of surface, while machine polishing is used for large areas with damaged and dull surface.
If be domestic bathroom, so can begin to clean by oneself (DIY), when specific operation mixes the product of two sets of parts (polishing powder and polishing fluid) paste, daub is in the surface, cooperate white polishing cotton mat to grind, can obtain very good result.If the home does not have special polishing mat, also can use the nonwoven cloth commonly used in the kitchen to cooperate with polishing product to grind, also can have certain bright light effect.The proposal does not use fine sandpaper, because that can make stone material surface produces slight scratch, but more difficult processing.
Some family bathrooms have stone floors and walls.At present the clean disinfectant that family place USES in large quantities contains the chemical substance such as the acid base that affects to natural stone material very big, produce adverse reaction to stone material surface color and interior mineral composition.Especially serious is, most clean agent must react on stone material surface at least 5 minutes just have an effect, however in this paragraph of time clean agent already in destroy stone material, clean bathroom stone material surface should use acid base value to be neuter clean agent so.
If it is a hotel, guesthouse and other large public places such as toilets, bathrooms, etc., you can follow the following procedures to operate:
(1) ensure that the surface is dry and not protected by protective agent.If necessary, can use neutral cleaning agent to clean the surface, so that the stone surface clean and dry, ready for the next step of polishing.
(2) remove the polish liquid to the surface with the spoon supplied with the product and sprinkle with the same amount of polish powder.Use half a teaspoon of powder and polish liquid on each surface per square foot of stone.
(3) polish with a 100 - to 140-pound ground grinder (175-$50 RPM) or a hand grinder (1,500-2,500 RPM) with a white nylon pad (preferably 5M RPM mat), wool pad, burlap, or other non-abrasive polishing pad.Polish the ground where it needs to be treated, 6 to 8 square feet (0.56 to 0.74 square meters) at a time, until the brightness is restored.
(4) rinse thoroughly with clean water, then polish with cotton cloth to make it shine.

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