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When you need some decorate marble panels,reminds these thr

When you need some decorate marble panels,reminds these thr

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When you need some decorate marble panels,reminds these three problems

In marble ray is much, color blacker more severe ", "new" standard "the radioactivity that decorates material does not limit in" -- many citizens are in decorating new house often have such viewpoint.Nevertheless, the expert points out, to the understanding that decorates material to pledge radioactivity, these views exist erroneous zone.
Mistake # 1: darker rays
Someone thinks to decorate stone material color to be darker, radioactivity is stronger.To this, experts say this statement is not rigorous.Although will tell commonly, the stone material that resembles a kind of white marble can have radioactivity to exceed bid case rarely really, the radioactivity such as malachite green, granite also can compare a few more, but color depth and radioactivity are strong and weak do not have necessary connection between.For example, the vast majority of black stone radioactive will not exceed the limit.And what decide its radioactivity really should be stone material "birthplace", it is the geological condition of its producing area decided its radioactivity.
Some people think as long as the marble is radioactive will certainly exceed the limit, experts pointed out that it is not.On the one hand, because artificial marble is synthetic, so generally do not contain radioactive elements, on the other hand, even natural marble is not the darker the more will exceed the standard.The city environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection station last year to marble, granite and other 10 kinds of stone materials have been tested, the result of all the marble is qualified, but 40% of the granite more than A class upper limit (that is not suitable for interior decoration materials).
Myth 2: the new standards ignore radioactivity
In this city this month 15 is about to carry out formally "Shanghai residence decorates decorate to accept a standard" in, look at at first glance to marble, granite, ceramic tile, clean is provided wait for the material that a few may contain radioactive material, did not seem to make explicit regulation.But, according to the standard testing the drafting team leader, Shanghai construction science research institute, deputy director of the LouMingGang introduction, the first part of "standard" "basic principles" is defined "residential decoration shall abide by the laws, regulations and relevant provisions of the", "purchase of decorative materials quality should comply with the relevant standards of quality requirements".And the national standard "limits of radionuclides in building materials gb6566-2001", which came into effect in 2002, specifically defined the limits of specific activity of natural radionuclides in building materials such as radium -226, thorium -232 and potassium -40.That is to say, the material that adornment decorates to use is subjected to likewise on radioactivity "standard" restriction.
Mistake area 3: decorate first detect again
City interior decoration quality supervision and inspection station stationmaster cao jian said, if the public is concerned about the use of radioactive materials exceeding the standard, should pay attention to the material procurement on the check, and not such as decoration is even the body was violated after the test.Because radioactive harm comes from stone material, ceramic tile, clean to wait for embed fixed act the role of article commonly, in the interior after decorating, because there are other materials in the environment, the single data that can not measure a certain material is qualitative.To measure it accurately, a piece of the product would have to be knocked out and sent to the lab, but that is clearly not an option.
How to check the source?The city environmental protection product quality supervision inspection station concerned person in charge said, should identify 3 "chapter".That is, before purchasing these materials, consumers should first ask the merchant to show the inspection report of these materials, and there should be three "chapters" on the report, namely the round inspection organization chapter, the oval CMA chapter and the CAL chapter. At the same time, the conclusion that these materials have passed the test should also be indicated on the report.City building materials and component quality inspection station deputy chief engineer hui pointed out that used in the family interior decoration materials must also be A class of materials, because only this kind of material is suitable for civil building interior decoration, and businesses should also show consumers A class of decoration materials.

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